Medicine Basketball Training Vol 2

Creating Space and Finishing

Volume Two of the Medicine Basketball Training Series - Creating Space and Finishing - will prepare players through game-like application like never before in the areas of ball handling, footwork, body control in the air, finishing with either hand, jabs, pivots, and creating, keeping, and using space.

Ball Handling - Players will learn the ability to occupy and attack defenders while strengthening their hands and adding to their overall explosiveness by utilizing the famous Possible medicine basketball methods of "med ball pounds, snatches, and switches."

-Footwork - Player's feet will be equipped with arguably the most important ball handling and driving footwork in the game, the "Drop and Split." Micah's innovative use of the medicine basketball not only makes this allusive footwork easy to learn, it adds a level of accountability that holds players accountable to remaining game realistic in their training.

-Creating Space- Both player's and coaches will learn how the medicine basketball can hold player's accountable to create space, keep space, and claim space through stationary footwork and aggressive actions on the move, including an easy way to master the Step Back and other tricks of the trade.

-Finishing and "Air Control" - Micah Lancaster directed several coaches clinics alongside coach David Blatt, the current coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who directly inspired Lancaster to go on a journey to teach players how to finish with or without athleticism. Lancaster's finishing drills with the medicine basketball were created to give players of all levels and ages the ability to not only finish as they jump but "finish after they jump."

Basketball, Ball Handling, Footwork, Creating Space, Finishing and %u201CAir Control%u201D

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