I'm Possible Footwork Training System

Revolutionary Footwork Training: 3 Volume Set with 8 Floor Stickers

Micah Lancaster has always had a passion for basketball footwork.  After several years of studying basketball specific footwork in unique a way never done before, with cameras under the floor, every aspect of footwork, every movement, and every move was thoroughly analyzed.  We tracked patterns and sought to understand every nuance and detail.  In that process, along with extensive film study of the best players to ever play the game, Micah's vision for the I'm Possible Footwork Training System was created and the footwork revolution is now here!
The I'm Possible Footwork System includes:
  • 7 dynamic sets of footwork in a 3 volume set
  • 3 hours of detailed training content
  • 8 floor adhesive stickers to make two full training stations will be shipped to you and arrive in a few days!
  • Simple installation instructions
*This system is also designed for use with the I'm Possible Footwork Wood Training Platform

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Gain access to 8 files to download & play in your player of choice.

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Released 2017
Genre Sports