Rip Cone

Drills and Training with the world's most innovative cone.

With the highly anticipated release of the "Rip Cone: Drills and Training with the world's most innovative cone", Micah Lancaster demonstrates through live drills and demonstrations just how revolutionary the Rip Cone really is. For the first time ever, Lancaster demonstrates how the Rip Cone's innovative design can be used to work on skills such as ball handling, driving, shooting off the dribble, finishing, and even moving without the ball.

There is nothing wrong with training with normal cones. However, as normal cones are generally placed on the ground to represent scenarios, defenders, and obstacles, they offer little imagination, game-like accountability, and true realism to the game of basketball. To increase training efficiency and for the purpose of game simulation, Lancaster's masterful teaching and demonstrations show how the Rip Cone simulates everything from the contact, game accountability, realistic body positions, control, and more.

Section 1: Ball Handling

Section 2: Shooting Off the Dribble

Section 3: Shooting off the Drive

Section 4: Moving without the Ball (Bonus)

Section 5: Finishing at the Rim

Basketball, Ball Handling, Shooting Off the Dribble, Shooting off the Drive, Moving without the Ball, Finishing at the Rim

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