Medicine Basketball Training Vol 1

Shooting and Team Concepts

Volume One of the Medicine Basketball Training Series - Shooting and Team Concepts - will prepare players through game-like application like never before in the areas of ball handling, shooting, playing off penetration, and the screen and roll.

-Ball Handling - Players will learn the "Art of Many Crossovers" and master the use of their "Dribbling Foot" to not only gain space with a quicker first step but also keep and maximize space through more efficient footwork.

-Shooting - Player's minds will be trained to focus before the shot through Micah's innovative hand-ready training for an even quicker catch and shoot game.

-Movement - Both player's and coaches will learn how the medicine basketball can hold player's accountable to proper spacing, moving without the ball, and playing off penetration through forced accountability.

-Screen and Roll - The Screen and Roll game will be mastered like never before simulating everything from contact and game-like reactions, to realistic and challenging scenarios the basketball world has never seen.

Ball Handling, Shooting, Movement, Screen and Roll

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