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  • Serious Basketball

    The Summer Workout that turned the impossible into I'm Possible.

    Serious Basketball the Remix is a training guide and a motivational mentor for any player who needs an extra boost. Featuring:

    -Micah s infamous entire high school summer workout

    -Bonus Drills

    -Micah's high school highlights

    -Documentary of Micah's journey

    Micah Lancaster is known for his I'm Possible story; from a 4'11 freshman that was told he would never make it, to becoming one of the world's best skill development trainers. The turning point came after his injury riddled junior year in high school. With one summer to make everything happen, Micah dedicated himself to eight hours a day of training, six days a week. With no coach or trainer to guide him, Micah invented and innovated ways to improve his game. That summer's work raised his scoring average to 25 points per game and a trip to the state semi-finals in Michigan. The rest is history.

    From that point on, parents and players started inquiring what Micah Lancaster did that summer to miraculously change his game. Although Micah would still go on to become a NAIA All-American and an All-Star in the International Basketball League, a trainer was born. Micah first DVD, Serious Basketball, was released in 2006 demonstrating Micah's miraculous summer workout.

    Now that workout is back with Serious Basketball, the Remix. In this DVD, players are brought the entirety of the summer workout, including drills left out of the original that changed the career of Micah Lancaster. Not only that, for the first time ever, Serious Basketball the Remix reveals never seen before highlights of Micah Lancaster playing the game as a 4'11 freshman, a 5'2 sophomore, and finally as a 5'9 senior while Micah documents the pain and struggle of the journey along the way.

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