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  • Business as Usual Vol 1

    This DVD will change the way you train and most of all, increase your game-time results.

    Don't think for a second that dribble mechanics are easy to come by. Don't even think for a moment that dribble mechanics are the "basics" of handling the basketball. World renowned professional and NBA skills coach, Micah Lancaster, masterfully teaches and demonstrates just how unnatural and uncommon true dribble mechanics are in this breakthrough and innovative DVD.

    Even more, Lancaster reveals the process that has brought him and his players so much success through the process of "Connector Drills." How can the process of improving your dribble mechanics actually help you with protecting the basketball? How can the methods of improving your ball handling strength actually teach you how to become the aggressor on the court? Volume One of the Business as Usual series - Dribble Mechanics and Becoming the Aggressor - will speed any players learning curve through genius progression and game-like application the entire way.

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    Gain access to 6 files to download & play in your player of choice.