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  • Being a Salesman

    Every player wants to learn how to create space.

    While the game of basketball is a simple game, it is still a detailed game. When players understand the details that come with selling offensive moves, they learn how to manage their game and develop self-awareness on the court like never before. That's why I'm Possible Training is excited to announce the first ever I'm Possible National Trainer collaboration on this much needed concept.

    In the end, all a defender can do is guess. If an offensive player is prepared for those guesses and can manipulate and predict those guesses, the offensive player is never truly reacting but is forcing reactions. In "Being a Salesman - How to Sell Moves the Defense Will Buy", I'm Possible Training NBA Skills Coaches, Bryce Stanhope, DJ Sackmann, and Micah Lancaster piece together six much needed categories for player's to develop the tools to better sell their moves to defenders:

    1 Developing Rhythm

    2. Developing the Off-Hand Option

    3. Learning the Art of Slow to Go

    4. Possessing the Mid-Range Threat

    5. Learning Tricks with Hips and Feet

    6. Possessing the Intangibles

    Being a Salesman will show players how they can practice and develop skills that are normally thought of as natural skills. Skills such as allusiveness, craftiness, rhythm, change of pace, the ability to stop on a dime and create "stop separation", finish off the "wrong foot", and learn how to use hips as a weapon against defenders. Most important, Stanhope, Sackmann, and Lancaster use game application of the concepts and offensive moves in order to connect each move and technique directly to the game itself.

    In other words, after watching this series and putting in the work, players will no longer view the game as mere basketball players, but as crafty, deceptive, and effective salesmen.

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